Mamyt Amangeldi Altybayuly

Full name:  Mamyt Amangeldi Altybayuly

PhD; academic rank; qualifications; Disciplines; While working in this institution: Candidate of Philology (1997.); prepodavamye subjects: children's literature, modern Kazakh language; While working in this university-2 years.

Academic experience: the place of work to educational institutions, teaching disciplines, full or part-time: Karaganda State Medical Institute (kaz. Language, clerical work at kaz.yazyke professional kaz.yazyk); SKSU im.M.Auezova (folklore, history kaz. Literature); SHO ICGS im.Yassaui (folklore, history kaz. Literature).

The non-academic experience: the company name of the organization (full-time, part-time): no

Certificate of professional development / professional certificates or registration: Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education, Certificate, October 10 2014.

Membership in Professional Organizations: no

Awards: Letter of thanks the Department of Education South Kazahstankoy area for taking the responsibility of the jury during the Internet Olympiad in on-line mode in subjects Kahazstana History, Geography and Regional Studies "Do you know the history of their region?" - October 2 2012 .; Diploma of the Faculty of Philology YUKGPI to 7 May 2013.

Activities in the service sector: no

The most important publications in the last 5 year:

Abai: - the "World" Publishing House, 2013. 12 pp (With N.J.Nürpeyisovpen)

Poetry, legends of the mythical-network care. OQMPÏ dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the "multilingual education competitive person on the basis of the formation of the" Proceedings of the Republican Scientific and Practical könferencïya

The origin of the heroic epic plots. "Cultural integration and unity of civilizations" V International Congress of Turkic. Turkestan, 2013.

EPOS materials miracle of birth sarınınıñ art. "Baitanayev readings-1: International education teacher training at the present stage of the integration process", Proceedings of the international scientific-practical conference. Shymkent, 2013.

Kazakh mysteries, the history of the collection and publication. "Auezov readings-12: science, education and culture in the development of innovative directions of the role of the regional university" international scientific-practical conferenc.

A brief summary of the new professional development activities, the authorship and co-authorship in scientific or development activities, no

Additional significant evedeniya not listed in the resume - no