Alipbek Ardak Zaurbekovna

1. Full name .: Alipbek Ardak Zaurbekovna

2. Education: higher education (2001);

Scientists and academic degree: Ph.D. (2010);

Professional qualifications: the teacher of vocational training;

Disciplines: educational psychology, psychology of adolescents, research methods of psychology, deviantology, general psychology;

during the period of work in the organization: since 2011

3. Academic experience: 12 years - at the university

previous employment in educational organizations:

• 2001-2008 GG - Lecturer, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the International Kazakh-Turkish University. H.A.Yasavi;

• 2009-2011-psychology senior lecturer in the Academic innovative university;

• 2011-2014 GG - Senior lecturer in the psychology of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute.

full-time or part-time: Full-time

4. The non-academic experience: the company or legal person, the name,

a brief description of the position (full-time, job-sharing): no

5. Certificate / Certificate of professional development with the date or professional registration:

1. Certificate number 1056 14.11.11g. KazNPU Abay, 2011 .;

2. Certificate EG 11 - 05 083 04.10.2011, JSC "National Information Technologies" for participation in the seminar "E-government and e-services";

3. Certificate MAPN, 2013 .;

4. Certificate №0282 10.10.2011 Astana. Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance;

5. Certificate of the National Training Centre of teachers' pedagogical staff of education Orleu", Almaty, 2014;

6. Certificate «Elsevier» 2014;

7. Certificate of Istanbul, in 2014.

6. Membership in professional organizations: no

7. Awards: Letters of thanks of the Institute, a scientific school (2014)

8. Activity in the services sector (within and outside the institution): no

9. The most important publications and presentations over the past five years - the name, co-authors (if any), which is published and / or presented, the date of publication or presentation:

1.Шағын комплектілі мектептерде жеткіншектердің салауаттылығын қалыптастырудың тиімді жолдары. Журнал "Хабаршы-Вестник" КазНПУ им.Абая. 2012 г. №3 Серия "Педагогические науки".

2.Кәсіби іс-әрекетке кіріспе. Учебно-методическое пособие. г. Шымкент, 2013 г.

3.Педагогикалық психология. Курс лекции. г.Шымкент, 2013 г.

4.Психология пәнінен оқытушының басшылығымен орындалатын студенттердің өзіндік жұмыстарын ұйымдастыру. Учебно-методическое пособие. г.Шымкент, 2013 г.

5. Этнопсихология. Учебное  пособие. г.Шымкент, 2013 г.

6. Formation of the future teachers professional competence to realization of innovative educationall technologies in of polylingual education. «LIFE SCIENCE JOURNAL» 2014 11.4 pp 154-157.

7. Pedagogical techniqiues in communicative competence formation. 4th International confererence on science and technology. London. 2014.

8. The psychological service in school. "Actual problems and prospects of development of modern psychology." Russia, 2013

10. A brief summary of the new professional development activities, the authorship or co-authorship of research or development activities: No

11. If there is a supplement, you can specify the important activities that are not marked in the list separately: no