Sihimbaeva Zhamilya Sarsenbayev

1. Full name .: Sihimbaeva Zhamilya Sarsenbayev

2. Education: higher education (1999);Scientists and academic degree: Ph.D.;

Professional qualifications: environmental engineer; Disciplines: General Psychology, pathologist; during the period of work in the organization: since 2011

3. Academic experience: 15 years - at the university previous employment in educational organizations:

• 2000-2002uch.gody - Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical Institute.

• 2003-2006- University of Shymkent

• 2007-2015-SKSU. M.Auezov

full-time or part-time: Full-time

4. The non-academic experience: the company or legal person, the name,

a brief description of the position (full-time, job-sharing): no

5. Certificate / Certificate of professional development with the date or professional registration:

1. Certificate KazNPU Abaya, № 1063. 14.05.14g .;

2. Certificate number 0136, Shymkent, October 2011. Kazakhstan National Psychoanalytic Association "Methods and techniques of psychoanalysis";

6. Membership in professional organizations: no

7. Awards: State grant MES "The best prepodavtel 2013" Medal of A. Nobel, VI Vernadsky, "For pioneering work in high school," Honored Worker in Education

8. Activity in the services sector (within and outside the institution): no

9. The most important publications and presentations over the past five years - the name, co-authors (if any), which is published and / or presented, the date of publication or presentation:

1. Features of Motives' Manifestation of Professional Development and personal Characteristics of Future Teachers. Life Science Journal - Acta Zhengzhou University Overseas Edition 2014; 11 (1s). R.179-183.

2. Psychological and pedagogical bases of active teaching methods. Life Science Journal - Acta Zhengzhou University Overseas Edition 2014; 11 (6s).

3. Interactive learning technology to build the creativity of students. Journal with impact factor, "International Journal of Experimental Education» №5 for 2015 were secured S.51-52

4. Interactional side of pedagogical dialogue as a condition of educational interaction. Journal with impact factor International Journal of Experimental Education №8, 2015 S.131-133 RISC-0.532. Russia, Moscow 10. A brief summary of the new professional development activities, the authorship or co-authorship of research or development activities: No

11. If there is a supplement, you can specify the important activities that are not marked in the list separately: no