The program of pedagogical practice by specialty "5B0011800 Russian and literature", "5B0012200 Russian and literature at schools with non-Russian language of training".

Tasks of practice:

The major process in the course of vocational training of future teachers of Russian and literature is student teaching at school.

Pedagogical practice is difficult and responsible stage in educational and educational process. It takes active part at the same time and in close interaction a little, earlier not connected among themselves, links:

1) student's group;

2) methodologists, heads of practice;

3) school teachers-language and literature teachers, administration of school;

4) group of pupils.

Students for the first time come to school as teachers, they act new for themselves role in the class where listen to them, consider at once 25-30 pupils. All this is interfaced to excitement, concern of the student probationer. It has to be very well prepared for a lesson; it will give it necessary confidence for carrying out occupation. Heads and methodologists of pedagogical practice provide training of student for a lesson, showing insistence to performance by students of all operating mode.

Preparation of class, school for "reception" of probationers, necessary instructions to students, and their involvement in work of school - significantly will help with successful carrying out pedagogical practice.

It is important and relation of group of pupils both towards the probationer and his lessons. This relation substantially (besides the management of a class) is developed by students: establishment of contacts with a class, conversations, participation in cool actions, attention and care of pupils - all this inevitably causes a reciprocal warm feeling.

Also the accounting of individual qualities as school students, and students probationers is very important. Character, temperament, psychological features of the personality are shown in a pedagogical practice very obviously and demand mutual courtesy and a step.

 Content of practice:

Students took special courses: "Psychology and pedagogics", "Technique of teaching Russian", "Technique of teaching literature".     

 Practice takes place in two stages:

 The I stage - "Fact-finding" when students have to visit not less than 10 lessons of Russian and 10 lessons of literature, watching methodical work of the teacher. During practice kept "The diary of probationer" where the presence facts at lessons certified by the signature of the teacher, the short abstract of the listened lesson are noted.

In the first week of practice students have to hold out-of-class event in the class attached behind them and perform psychology-pedagogical tasks (to make psychological characteristics of identity of three pupils and a class).

 The second stage of practice, students have to give three lessons of literature and Russian. The third lesson is considered control. Classes are given strictly in the developed abstract. The conducted lessons are discussed by methodologists of institute and school, students-probationers.

Students have to be present at the lessons conducted by probationers participate in discussion of lesson.

Each of students is attached to the head teacher of departments of linguistics, the Kazakh and world literature, psychology and pedagogics and the teacher-methodologist of school.

At the beginning of a pedagogical practice adjusting conference has to be held and at the end of practice faculty meeting at school and total conference at institute is carried out.

On all questions arising in connection with practical training, the student has the right to address to responsible for carrying out practice, to the methodologist, teachers of chair and school teachers-language and literature teachers.

Probationers submit to regulations of school in which pass student teaching, carry out orders of administration of school and heads of practice; actively join in public life of school.

The student probationer has to be for pupils of school an example of organization, discipline, diligence and politeness.

Upon termination of a pedagogical practice students are obliged to hand over to the head teacher:

- diary of probationer;

- the abstracts of lessons certified by the subject teacher and the prepodavatem-methodologist;

- report on practice;

- the psychology and pedagogical tasks which are also certified by the subject teacher and the head teacher;

Probationers have to carry out carefully and honestly all types of works provided by the program.

In case of non-performance of these requirements the probationer can be debarred from a pedagogical practice and not receive an assessment.

The head of group participates in scheduling of work of students, keeps account of attendance of lessons, transfers instructions of the methodologist, notifies on conversations, consultations.