Pedagogical practice is an integral part of the formation of the creative personality of the future teacher, necessary for the development of his professional skills.

 The Department of Physics led the pedagogical and psychological-pedagogical practice of students of 3-4 courses and 2 courses of specialties 5B011000-Physics and 5B012800-Physics and Informatics. The department has the necessary teaching materials for teaching practice: curriculum, diary form, guidelines for the organization and management of teaching practice. For the educational and psychological-pedagogical practice of students of specialties 5B011000-Physics and 5B012800 - Physics-computer science, agreements were signed with the following schools:

1. Lyceum School № 7 named K Spataev;

2. Specialized boarding school №1 with training in three languages;

3. Specialized boarding school №2 with training in three languages

 4. General secondary school № 17 named after M.V. Lermontov;

5. General secondary school № 29 named after A. Moldagulova;

6. Secondary school № 39 named M.Zhumabayev.


Student class during practice:





Pedagogical practice is a component part of the formation of the future teacher as a creative person. Practices are held in accordance with educational programs and working education of specialties "Mathematics" and "Physics".

At the department has all the necessary educational and methodical documentation for the practices: the program, the form of diaries, reports, guidelines for organizing and conducting practices

Students in the specialty 5B010900-Mathematics, 5B011000- Physics carry out pedagogical practice on the basis of:

1. School-Lyceum named  K.Spataev;

2. School-Gymnasium №50 named A.Baitursynov;

3. School-Gymnasium №65 named I. Altynsarin;

4. Specialized boarding school for gifted children №2;

5. School-Lyceum №1  named  А.S. Pushkin; 

6. Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemical and Biological direction;

7. School-Gymnasium №39 named  М. Zhumabayev;

8. School-Gymnasium №8 named  М. Dulati;

9. School-Gymnasium  №47  named  Т. Тazhibayev.