Pedagogical practice is an integral part of the formation of the creative personality of a future teacher, necessary for the development of his professional qualities.

The Department of Physics led the pedagogical and psychological-pedagogical practice of 3-4 year and 2 year students of specialties 5В011000-Physics and 5В012800-Physics and Computer Science. The department has the necessary educational and methodological documents for pedagogical practice: the curriculum, diary form, guidelines for the organization and conduct of pedagogical practice. To conduct pedagogical and psychological-pedagogical practice of students of specialties 5B011000-Physics and 5B012800 - Physics-Informatics, agreements were signed with the following schools:

1. School-Lyceum №7 named after K Spatayev;

2. Specialized boarding school No. 1 with instruction in three languages;

3. Specialized boarding school No. 2 with instruction in three languages

 4. General secondary school No. 17 named after M.V. Lermontov;

5. General secondary school No. 29 named after A. Moldagulova;

6. General secondary school No. 39 named after M. Zhumabaev;

7. School-lyceum №15 named after D.I. Mendeleev;

8. School-gymnasium No. 1 named after A.S. Pushkin;

9. Specialized boarding school No. 12 named after M. Tasova;

10. Secondary school No. 87 named after A. Nazarbekov;

11. School-gymnasium No. 50 named after Akhmet Baitursynov.

Student lesson during practice: