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Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, ​​Candidate of philological sciences Aigul Madievna Karakulova.

Field of study: 1. Comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics. 2. Cross-cultural relations between European and Asian ethnic groups through verbal and non-verbal communication.

Publication:  more than 60 articles in scientific-practical conference papers and journals of philological/pedagogical series;  10 training manuals and guidelines.

Study on intercultural communication is ongoing.

History of the department of Foreign languages

Department of Foreign Languages ​​is at the origin of the Chimkent Pedagogical Institute that was formed in 1937. Being a part of the Faculty of Philology, Department of Foreign Languages ​​was composed of philologists practitioners and philologists scholars. In the past, the department was headed by scientists R.S.Kratz, R.V.Stela, V.G.Lobin, Zh.Tungatarov, A.N.Yatsuhin, N.A.Avazbaev, V.A.Redkin. In         the department was divided in the major training and faculties serving departments. Because of the huge contingent of academic groups, in 2007 the faculties serving department was divided in 2 directions: humanitarian and natural sciences. The head of the humanitarian department was assigned I.S.Shohahov, the natural sciences – A.M. Karakulova. Currently, the department serves all educational programs for teaching professions of the Institute.

 Teaching staff of the department consists of 13 teachers:  3 candidates of sciences, 4 senior lecturers, 5 masters, 1junior teacher and 1 administrator.

Research fields:

1. Topical issues on formation of multilingual individuals;

2. Intercultural Communication in the XXI century in the linguistic aspect: verbal and non-verbal communication.

Teaching staff of the department conducts classes on disciplines "Practical foreign language" and "Professionally-oriented foreign language" for students of 1-3 courses of the institute of 22 majors. Over the past two academic years, 10 teachers of the department attended the training courses for development of leading skills at the JSC "National Centre of Excellence - Orleu" in Almaty and Newcastle, UK.

In order to develop mobility strategies of Academic mobility at the Institute, the Department implements the polylingual policy, contributes to teachers and students’ opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in foreign higher education institutions. It regularly conducts online seminars, scientific and practical conferences with the leading universities in the country and abroad.

•   Annually it is analyzed the undergraduate majors students’ provision with the necessary textbooks and teaching aids according to  the program of multilingual education;

• The training manuals, guidelines, textbooks are worked out in collaboration with the foreign experts;

• The joint training programs and manuals on discipline "Professionally-oriented foreign language" are prepared in English with the major training departments;

•  The exchange programs for teachers’ retraining and sharing experience in foreign countries as the Netherlands, United Kingdom; business trips for gaining knowledge and innovative teaching methods.

In 2013 Karakulova A.M. has been passed the 6 month scientific  internship by “Bolashak” Presidential Scholarship at Bangor University, UK. Her project "Cross-cultural relations between European and Asian ethnic groups through verbal and nonverbal communication" was defended at the Council and is in ongoing process.  In 2015 Karakulova A.M. and Sultanmurat M.S.  completed the training courses at the University of Newcastle, UK.

In 2013 Dr. Walter Friesen (Germany, Dortmund), director of the Center «ETNOS» within 1 month conducted the training seminars for teachers of the department. At the end of the courses the department  teachers awarded diplomas certificated the 72 hours of lectures and training activities.

 In 2014, teachers of the department after monthly workshops of volunteers from the United States were awarded certificates for participation at the training and methodological courses.

In the 2014-2015 academic year the volunteers Patrick Keene, Elisa Nicole Kirby, Hali Jo Gaither from theUnited States worked at the Department. The native speakers conducted practical classes for students , carried out a circle "English Conversation Club".

In order to develop speaking English and improve knowledge in country studies, teachers of the department  together with volunteers from the United States in February, 2014 opened the circle «English club». In process of work the  club members are increasingly put forward their ideas, themes, give presentations and invite specialists in different branches. The volunteers, in their turns, are interested in culture and traditions of the Kazakh people. They are interested in  national customs and holidays of Kazakhs, conduct research on cross cultural communication, anthropology and linguistics.