Department of linguistics -is one of the oldest in institutions of higher education. Its history begins from 1937, when the Teacher's institution with two-year education was opened. 

Department of linguistics has a long history of formation. In different years it had various names, but the training of qualified linguist specialists remained permanent.

One of the first head of the department "Kazakh language and literature", "Russian language and literature" was famous in region and republic scholar-pedagogue A.Ermekov.

Famous scholars, like K.I.Ishanov, V.N.Ponova, P.V.Sadchikova, L.P.Dolgov, A.M.Erimbetova, N.A.Sandibayeva, Zh.S.Kalgin headed the Department of russian language,  and A.Ermekov, R.Barlybayev, Z.Saduakasova, B.Katembayeva, M.Zhakipbekov, E.Agmanov, M.Srazhiev, A.Akhabayev, I.Tuleev, O.Zhumashev, M.Orazov headed the Department of kazakh language. 

In 2012-2013 academic year on the base of two departments "Russian language" and "Kazakh language" was set up the Department of linguistics. Ph.D. R.N.Begaliyeva headed the department. 

In the year 2013-2014 the department was headed by senior lecturer, Ph.C. D.N.Baigutova.

Scientific degree of teaching staff consist of 80% - 2 Ph.D., 6 senior lectures, 9 senior teachers Ph.D. and 4 Masters. 

The department carries out into practice the training Bachelors in specialities:

5B011700 Kazakh language and literature

5B011800 Russian language and literature

5B012100 Kazakh language and literature in non-Kazakh schools

5B012200 Russian language and literature in non-Russian schools

Agreements signed by department with foreign institutions of higher education:

1. Psycholinguistics sphere and Intercultural communication theory IL RAS (Russia, Moscow, October 2011-December 2014);

2. Moscow Linguistics Institute (Russia, Moscow, October 2011-December 2014);

3. People's Friendship University of Russia (Russia, Moscow, October 2011-December 2014).

The department is proud of its graduates:

famous scholars -A.M.Erimbetova, B.Kh.Ismagulova, A.E.Agmanova, E.Kerimbayev, T.Sayrambayev, A.Derbisaliev, A.Zhapparov and others, journalists - E.S.Kulikova, K.Ismailov.

In te Department already work its graduates for years: N.V.Dmitryuk, V.D.Narozhnaya, B.Yskak, Zh.Khaiyrbekova, A.G.Kurbanov, G.Tanabayev, A.Baigutova, E.Orazbayeva, D.Baygutova, R.N.Begaliyev, E.S.Mezenceva and others.

Labour veterans N.V.Dmitriyev, V.D.Narozhnaya, B.Yskak, D.A.Moldaliyeva, B.K.Omar are the pride of the Department, whose pedagogical activity is role model for young teachers and students.

Our address: Shymkent, Baytursynov St. 13, 328 room.