Department of Foreign Languages ​​was formed as an independent office after the 50s of the last century, it is one of the founders of the Chimkent Pedagogical Institute.

The department was formed from teachers of English and German languages. The department was headed by R.S. Kravtsev, R.V.Stele, V.G.Lobin, J.Tungatarov, A.N. Yatsukhin, N.A. Avazbaev, I.S. Shokhakhov. Currently, the head of the department is Karakulova A.M. The teaching staff of the department consists of 16 teachers. They: 1 candidate of sciences, 6 senior teachers, 9 masters.

Teaching staff of the department works in two scientific and methodological areas:

1. Comparative-historical, typological and contrastive linguistics;

2. Methods of teaching language as a second-foreign.

Classes are held for students of 1-4 courses in 33 specialties in the disciplines "Basic English" and "Professionally Oriented Foreign Language".

In order to develop the spoken language of English and study intercultural communication of students, in February 2014, the teachers of the department, jointly with volunteers from the United States began the work of the club “English club”. In the course of the functioning of the club, the club members are increasingly putting forward their ideas, themes, giving presentations, inviting experts in various fields. The volunteers, in turn, became interested in the culture and tradition of the Kazakh people, ask questions, and conduct research on the culture and customs of Kazakhstan. Nowadays, the club “English club” is led bу Fulbright scholar Joshua Dufour. The department annually holds an English language competition between university students. Student research work under the guidance of teachers of the department participate in competitions of republican value.