Teaching practice

2018-2019 academic year.

The 2nd year students of the group 106-17 from 01/21/19 - 02/02/19., the 3rd course of the group 106-16 from 01/21/19 - 02/09/19, the 4th year K106-15 from 21/01/19 - 02/23/19 of the Musical Education Department and Professional-creative Faculty SKSPU held teaching practice. Methodist Balabekova A.A. is responsible.

Teaching practice

The goal is to prepare students as a music teacher and class teacher, to master the system of educational work with students. During the course of the practice, the student-trainee’ pedagogical activity must be like the professionalism of the teacher. Pedagogical practice plays an important role in the system of training professional teachers.

Responsibility: in the course of conducting theoretical lessons to use special knowledge of public policy, pedagogy, psychology and coarsely, developed to apply in solving educational problems, to get acquainted with the educational work of the school, with advanced teaching practice, with the student team, to know the age and individual characteristics of pupil, to take an active part in current and perspective educational work and practice, to relate with parents.

The main direction of pedagogical practice: the educational system is the present of the school, to know its directions (spiritual-human, labor, civil-political), etc., activities and forms of family and school change, organization and holding of the parent meeting, to diagnose the usefulness and effectiveness of educational work to monitor and analyze the system work of the class teacher with difficult children, to observe and analyze the themes of organizing educational hours with children and teenagers, to collect information about the schoolchildren’s self-government system, ways of effectively spending schoolchildren’s free time (additional lessons, circles, etc.) to explore the psychological relationship between teacher-student, student-student, parent-teacher.

The students of the group did an excellent job. We conducted a psychological test, an open educational hour with the class loyal to them. Students of the group 106-17 held open educational hours on the themes of D.Tolegen “Uly Oner қққ тққa bіr Kadam”, A.Құrmanbek “Myң bіr ma 101al 101 ұmbakқ”, G. Erkebay “Men offline”, V.Omirzakov “Men offline " at the highest level.

Students of the group 106-16 Mailybay A., Manana D., Nuriddin A. together with the music teacher G. Kuantaeva held an event on the following topics: a Message from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Bolashaka Baғdar: Ruhani Zhangyru”, “Zhanylsyuha Zhaқsylyk” TV project "100 songs".

Students conducted some work on the program of pedagogical and psychological practice. Each student was in close contact with the class teacher and subject teacher.

The main function of pedagogical practice: teach, to analyze a lesson, to carry out the functional duties of the teacher and to organize out of the class works. Students gave the classes in these types of lessons: mixed lessons, competition lesson, game lesson, discussion lesson, repetition lesson. They are carried out of the lesson. Probationers could conduct the lesson according to nowadays and used visual aid which was made by them. And they left the visual aids at school. All of students took an active part in analyzing of the lessons with trainers.


         All students visited lessons of each other and took an active part in analyzing the lessons with trainers students performed some more works except the main curriculum. They helped teachers to check the exercise books, worked with weak (low, progress) pupils individually and conducted additional classes. Under the leadership of the methodologist the students performed psychological, pedagogical and musical tasks. Students conducted psychological researches on pupils. Probationer-students spend demonstrative education hours. They are: the students of 106-13 group on the main genres of Opera art themes - «Отбасы алтын діңгек», «Салауаттылық өмір қалпымыз сергекшілдік өмір қалпымыз», «Құрманғазы Сағырбайұлы», Esenbaeva Saltanat on the theme  «Салт- дәстүр асыл қазына», Zhunisbekov Orynbasar , Serik Sandugash on the theme  «Нұрым жыраудың мұрасы»,   «Ауырып ем іздегенше, ауырмайтын жол ізде», «Өтірік өрге баспайды», «Ұлттық тәрбие - тәрбиенің түп қазығы», 106-12 group students Seyelbek Abay on the themes «Айтыс – ой ақыл жарысы, Жамбыл мен Құлмамбеттің айтысы», Artikbayeva Aizhan Talgatkyzy, Raimtai Zhanar Nurlankyzy, on the theme «Салауаттылық – өмір салтымыз сергекшілдік өмір қалпымыз», «Заң және заман»», Zhumadil Serik on the theme «Ауғанның отты жылдары»».

Generally in these four and five week practice students conducted musical lesson in  every week, analyzed lessons  and  exchanged experience of teaching.

       Teachers G. Elzhanova, B.Kolbaeva visited every lesson, received answers to methodological questions, worked out sample plans of different lessons. From the students side have not been revealed the public offense. Students demonstrative and educational lessons were shown in high quality. They gave report on pedagogical practical demonstrative lessons. Every students was in close connection with class, supervisor and teacher. In classes probationers used interactive boards in music lesson for increasing teaching process through implementation the new and innovative technologies of training. Students were in working place all the time. Great thanks for Music teachers and school staff. We want to say that Music room, instruments, library are in good condition.