On speciality the 5В010100- Preschool teaching and education students of group 2, 3- course 101-14, 101-84, К101-14, from 18.01.2016 to 30.01.2016 gs, kindergarten : "Symbat", "Аruna" and №69 "Еrkebulan", "Palzada Apa". Passed a week's acquainting practice on 2th. 101-13, 101-13к, К101-13, С101-13к, 101-83 on the basis of agreement were directed from 18.01.2016 to 13.02.2016 kindergarten: "Palzada Apa", "Аi Sultan". Passed a week's pedagogical practice on  4th.

5В010500-Defectology students of group 105-13, 105-83 on the basis of agreement were directed from 18.01.2016 to 13.02.2016 "School-boarding-school of "Umit" for cecutient children", "Auxiliary school-boarding-school". Passed a week's pedagogical practice on  4th.

Requirement to the student, completing passing of pedagogical practice:

1)    practice is considered passed and appraised on a high estimation, if  a student realized all types of works, envisaged by practice;

2)    a student produced practical abilities and skills of work in the conditions of the special educational establishment;

3)    able to apply theoretical knowledge in practical activity in the conditions of sphere of education.

4)    a report contains all making elements charts of report;

Evaluation of pedagogical practice of student:

A final estimation on pedagogical practice is proposed with participation of teachers of school, educators, teachers of department, by methodists by the leader of practice to every student individually.

Basic criteria of estimation of student on pedagogical practice:

·        theoretical readiness of student on the speciality;

·        forming of professional pedagogical abilities;

·        knowledge  pedagogical features of the system "Educator-child with ОV"

·        professional   orientation of student, social activity, interest in pedagogical speciality,  humanistic attitude toward children, attitude toward pedagogical practice.

Current documentation:

1. Agreement filled by two parties.

2. Direction

3. Certificate about passing of practice.

4. Plan of individual work

5. Diary of practice

5. Description on student-practice from the base of practice.

6. Diary of passing of practice.

7. Report with the elements of reflection.