Professional practice

Students majoring in 5b011300-Biology and students enrolled in the educational program 6B01505-preparation of the teacher of biology undergo professional practice, which is organized after the completion of the study cycle of special disciplines: botany, Zoology, Cytology, pedagogy, psychology, technology of criterion evaluation, methods of teaching biology.

The purpose of professional practice is to consolidate and deepen knowledge in General scientific, cultural, psychological and pedagogical, methodological and special disciplines, as well as the formation of theoretical knowledge on the basis of pedagogical skills and competencies.

The program of professional practice in the specialty 5B011300-Biology developed and approved at the Department of "Biology". Program of professional practice 6B01505-teacher training biology and prepared on the basis of the educational program (minutes of the Academic Council of the University №1, 29.08.2019)

Objectives of the educational program:

1.formation of key competencies necessary for effective implementation of professional activities of students;

2.formation of social responsibility of teachers on the basis of interpersonal values and professional ethical standards;

3.bringing the level of quality of education in line with the requirements of national and international standards on the basis of motivation of students to professional improvement, self-realization;

4.formation of students ' professional knowledge and practical skills taking into account the updated content of education;

5.ensuring the training of highly educated professionals actively involved in the modernization of society on the basis of the Trinity of languages, functional literacy, healthy lifestyles.

Educational program values

Core values defined in the content of the OP:

1.Kazakhstan patriotism and civic responsibility;




Bases of professional practice are the educational organizations giving secondary General education, primary professional, secondary professional education, social parks of the city, educational and field sites of University. The research is carried out in order to get acquainted with the basics of systematics of plants and animals, morphological and anatomical features of the structure of individual parts of plants and animals. To solve this problem, organized industrial practice in the Arboretum, Zoo, etc.

Department of "Biology" have signed contracts with bases of practices in accordance with the standard form contract for organization of professional practice approved by the academic Council UKGU.

“Biology” department has a contract for the passage of educational and pedagogical practice:

1) Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (Shymkent);

2) School - Lyceum N23 named by Z.Kosmodemyanskaya. (Shymkent);

3) School – gymnasium N65 named by Y.Altynsarin. (Shymkent);

4) School – gymnasium N47. T.Tazhibaev (Shymkent);

5) General Middle school N24 named by S.Erubaev (Shymkent)

6) School - Lyceum №9 named by О. Zholdasbekov (Shymkent)

7) School – Lyceum N77 named by А.Askarov (Shymkent)

8) School - Lyceum №7 named by K.Spataev. (Shymkent);

9) Humanitarian Gymnasium school №38 them N.D.Ondasynova (Shymkent);

10) School – Lyceum N49 (Shymkent)

According to the results of professional practice, students submit a report to the appropriate Department, which is checked by the head of the practice and defended before the Commission established by the order of the head of the Department.

1 course is planned training practice (introductory and language practice)

The purpose of educational practice is the development of General cultural and improvement of professional competencies of students.

To solve this problem, educational practice is organized at the Department, laboratory offices, social parks of the city, educational field site of the University.

Psychological and pedagogical practice of 2nd year students is aimed at educating students of sustainable interest and positive attitude to the profession of a teacher, practical acquaintance with the procedure of studying the psychological and pedagogical features of the team of students, the formation of the ability to conduct psychological and pedagogical analysis of the lesson (educational event).

Production practice of students is planned for the 2nd year in the 4th semester in the amount of 3 days in the disciplines of "Botany", the amount of 2 days in the disciplines of "Zoology".

Goal 3 pedagogical practice of the course is the formation of professional pedagogical competences related to the design and implementation of the educational process of teaching in the education system, providing conditions for social and professional adaptation of students and development of their norms and values pedagogical profession, students ' acquisition of experience in practical pedagogical activity, formation of professional orientation of their personality.

The purpose of the pedagogical practice of the 4th year at the University is to test the professional position in the conditions of real activity: the formation of professional competence in the design, implementation and evaluation of the educational process and the educational environment. Acquisition of practical skills and teaching skills in educational institutions, completing the formation of competencies in the field of professional activity, as well as experience of independent professional activity.

Pre-diploma practice is conducted at the final year for students who perform graduate work. Management of pre-graduate practice is carried out by the supervisor of the thesis. The General purpose of industrial (pre-graduate) practice is to deepen the knowledge gained (especially in the field of botany and plant physiology) and their targeted application in the course of teaching biology and ecology in educational institutions, as well as in the process of working at enterprises that use biological objects in their activities. Bases of practice: Zoological Park of Shymkent, state dendrological Park of Shymkent, educational laboratories of the Department of "Biology", city parks, station of young naturalists, agrobiostations, research organizations, experimental fields, experimental sites of the University, country bases, wildlife sanctuaries, etc.

Tasks of industrial (pre-graduate) practice.

The main objectives of pre-graduate practice are:

- collection, processing and generalization of practical material on the topic of the thesis (project);

- analysis of statistical data and practical material on the topic of pre-graduate research;

- formulation of conclusions, regularities, recommendations and proposals on the topic of the thesis (project) or report design of the thesis (project) or report in accordance with the established requirements.

- consolidation of theoretical knowledge in biology on the basis of specialized enterprises;

- organization of work with students in Botanical circles (on the basis of the yunnatov station, children's creativity centers, schools, etc.);

- familiarity with the main sources of scientific information (scientific literature, periodicals, working with databases, the Internet, etc.) and mastering the methodology of processing the necessary information;

- according to the established point-rating alphabetic rating system