Bachelor’s specialty 5B011300 – “Biology” according to SOSE RK dated 08.08.2011 №349 and working curriculum 3kinds of practice are a must – educational (2 semester, 8 credits), pedagogical (6 and 8 semesters, 8 credits) and undergraduate (8 semester, 2 credits), each practice is scheduled, approved by academic calendar and individual plan of a bachelor. Practice contains 20 credits. Bases for practice are confirmed according to Agreements.

              Educational practice is aimed at going into the basics of taxonomy of plants and animals, morphological and anatomical peculiarities of construction of particular parts of plants and animals. Noting this, field practice is arranged on the base of Dendro park, Zoo and others.

              Pedagogical practice is aimed at perfecting a complex of professional skills of a teacher in the educational institutions, fixing key competences, forming professional competences and individual pedagogical style.

Undergraduate practice is arranged according to SOSE RK on such bases as State Zoopark in Shymkent, State Dendrological park in Shymkent, Karatau national park in Kentau.

           “Biology” department has a contract for the passage of educational and pedagogical practice:

1) Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (Shymkent);

2) School - Lyceum N23  named by Z.Kosmodemyanskaya.  (Shymkent);

3) School – gymnasium N65 named by  Y.Altynsarin. (Shymkent);

4) School – gymnasium N47. T.Tazhibaev (Shymkent);

5) General Middle school N24  named by  S.Erubaev (Shymkent)

6) School - Lyceum №9  named by О. Zholdasbekov (Shymkent)

7) School – Lyceum N77 named by  А.Askarov (Shymkent)

8) School - Lyceum №7  named by K.Spataev.  (Shymkent);

9) Humanitarian Gymnasium school №38 them N.D.Ondasynova (Shymkent);



In grammar school №24 named S.Erubaev

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