Nalmishova Kyzbibi

  1. 1. Name Nalmishova Kyzbibi

    2. Education: 1985. Kazakh State University, Disciplines - Economic Geography

    3. Academic experience:SKSPI full employment

    4. The non-academic experience: since 2011 a member of Ed. board of the journal "Bulletin" Republican behalf of the school of geography

    5. Certificates or professional registration: 1996. Member Respublikaskoy behalf of the school Geography

    6. Membership in professional organizations: no

    7. Awards: -1995 for special education services the badge of "Excellence in Education of the Republic Kazahtan" ,2012 testimonial SKSPI for the organization and work actively in the learning process and the education of students, 05.10. 2013 in the amount of one month's salary

    8. The activity in the services sector (within and outside the institution): no

    9. The most important publications and presentations over the past five years - the name of the co-authors (if any), which is published or presented, the date of publication or presentation:

    1. Opportunities for development of tourism in the area Tulkubass SKO. International scientific and practical conference "Modern trends and patterns of development of geographical science in Kazakhstan" Almaty, 2010- page 272-275

    2. The first traveler Kazakhstan - extraordinary personality. International scientific-practical conference "Political and legal problems of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the period of globalization" Shymkent, 2011. 1-2 June, page 211-216.

    3. Modern porblemy medical geography. "Proceedings of the Kyrgyz Academy of Education "– Bishkek, 2012 - p. 123-127;

    4. Geoekologizatsiya content of the training course "Geography of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "2nd World Congress of Science Teachers' 04-11.02.2014, the Republic of Malta

    5. "The first academician Alash" Proceedings of the International scientific and practical conference posvyashennoy 115- anniversary K.I.Satbaev. Shymkent. 04/12/2014 Mr.

    10 Summary of new professional development activities, the authorship or co-authorship in scientific or development activities - have not.