Nalibayev Kerimkul Kurbanalievich

1 Name Nalibayev Kerimkul Kurbanalievich

2 Education: - Tashkent State University named after V.I.  Lenin (1985), specialty geographer, lecturer, Tashkent State University named after V.I. Lenin specialty historian and teacher (1993); PhD (2010) - a specialty 13.00.01- General pedagogy, pedagogy, history of knowledge, ethnography; a senior lecturer (2010).; Disciplines: General geology, cartography with the basics of geodesy, toponymy, the work in this university - 4 years

3 Academic experience: 1) high school №14 named Leninism (Tashkent region) - a teacher of geography and history, head. educational part, the director of the school; college "Bolashak" SKST College, "Themis" Deputy Director; full employment

4 Non-academic experience: Tashkent travel and tours, 1985-1986.

5 Certificate of professional development: a boost in Dusseldorf (Germany) 2014, Certificate "E-government and e-services", JSC "National Information Technologies", 21.09.2011

6 Professional Affiliations: none.

7 Awards: Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2005), a letter of thanks SKSPI rector, October 27, 2013

8 Activity in the service sector: none.

9 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years:

1. The mythological foundation of the world of names. Proceedings of the international scientific-practical conference, SKSPI, Shymkent, 2014, pp. 412-416.

2. Pedagogical values Names Studies of Central Asia and Kazakhstan in geography lessons. "Baytanaevs read," Proceedings of the International scientific and practical conference SKSPI, Shymkent, 2014 pp. 46-49

3. Tourists on the names of the cities of Kazakhstan. Bulletin of the Geographical Society of Uzbekistan. Tashkent, 2014 pp. 32-35

10 Summary of new professional development activities, the authorship or co-authorship in scientific or development activities - have not.