Mamadiyarov Marat Duysenovich

1 Name Mamadiyarov Marat Duysenovich

2 Education: - Shymkent Pedagogical Institute of Culture named after al-Farabi (1988), specialty organizer Methodist CRC; PhD in Geography (2003). - specialty 25.00.24 - Economic, social and political geography; Head of Department (2011); Disciplines: Fundamentals of Tourism and Regional Studies, Geography of the population.

3 Academic experience:

1988-1996у., Lecturer of the Department "History and Theory of the CRC" Shymkent Pedagogical Institute of Culture named after Al-Farabi;

1996-2004у., Senior lecturer of the department "International tourism and service" SKSU im.M.Auezova;

2004-2007у., Dean of the Faculty "Pedagogy" Bauman;

2007-2009у., Associate Professor of "International tourism and service" SKSU im.M.Auezova;

2009-2011у., Head of Practice MIND SKSU im.M.Auezova;

2011-2013у., Head of the department "Geography" YUKGPI;

2013-2014у., Head MIND YUKGPI;

2014-2015у., Head of the department "Geography" YUKGPI;

4 non-academic experience: none.

5 Certificate / Certificate of professional development:

Certificate for participation in the national training workshop on "Improvement of credit education technology at the present stage: the individualization of learning and the role of students and the educational process" KSU im.A.Baytursynova Kostanai-2009.

Passed a full course "New approaches to the development of analysis of textbooks and teaching aids new generation" in inter-regional center for teacher training in technical and vocational education.SKSU im.M.Auezova Shymkent-2011.

Certificate for participation in the training seminar "Preparing the self-evaluation report of the university within the specialized accreditation" IQAA registration №0288 Astana, 10.10. 2014

6 Professional Affiliations: none.

7 Awards: Letter of thanks Rector YUKGPI, December 14, 2012

Letter of thanks to the Minister of Education and Science, 2013 06dekabrya.

8 Activity in the service sector: none.

9 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years:

1. Geography of Tourism: the potential tourist and recreational resources of the Great Silk puti.Elektronnoe textbook of Shymkent2011g.

2. tourist and recreational resources of the South Kazakhstan oblasti.Elektronnoe textbook of Shymkent2011у.

3. Economic-geographical study of the skeleton tourist centers of Kazakhstan segment of the Great Silk Puti.Zhurnal "basic research" Impak factor RISC 2011 = 0.14411 Cakste 5,2012

4. Geographic podhol to develop a regional tourism policy International scientific-practical conference "Baytanaevskie reading-1: Actual problems of integration process podgot ovki teachers in the international space education" Shymkent 2013

5. tourism and recreational resources as the basis of tourist recreational potential. International Scientific Conference Modern sociology and education. London 19-26 October 2013.

6. "Ekologiyalyқ Bilim zhane tәrbie" oқu құraly Shymkent 2014.

10 Summary of new professional development activities, the authorship or co-authorship in scientific or development activities - have not.