Bekmurzayeva  Laura Zhumagalievna.

  1. 1.Surname, name, patronymic.:  Bekmurzayeva  Laura Zhumagalievna.

    2. Education: International Kazakh-Turkish University named by Khodzha Akhmet Yassavi, for specialty: lawyer,  qualification- jurist. Magister  degree about International Kazakh –Turkish University named by Kh.A.Yassavi.

    3. Academically  work experiences:  from 2000 to 2008 y.y. International Kazakh- Arabian University – department  lawyer, teacher – training period.

    From 2008 to 2013y.y.   senior  teacher, chief  an registration offices an   International Humanitarian – Technical University.

    4.Non academically  work experiences:  

    5.Certificate or  professional  registration:

    6. Membership  in professional  organizations: 

    7.Honors and awards:

    8. Activities  in the services sector (within and outside the institution): no.

    9.The most important publications and presentations over the past five years - the name of the co-authors (if any) , which is published or presented, the date of publication or presentation :

    10. Short of list the new professional development activities, the authorship or co-authorship in scientific or development activities: -