Kozhabekova Zahida Ersultanovna

  1. 1 Name Kozhabekova Zahida Ersultanovna

    2 Education: - KazPI them. Abay (1979), a teacher of geography and biology; PhD in Geography (2010) - a specialty 25.00.24 - Economic, social and political geography; Disciplines: "Physical Geography of Kazakhstan", "Geography SKO", "Biogeography", "General geomorphology" ICGS them. KA Yassaui - 12 years in the high school - 2 years "Physical Geography of Kazakhstan", "Geography SKO", "Biogeography", "Physical geography of continents and oceans"

    3 Academic experience: 1) secondary school № 24,7,33, Technical High School (Shymkent) - geography teacher; 2) ICGS them. KA Yassaui - "General Geography", "Geography SKO", "Physical Geography of Kazakhstan", "Biogeography", "General geomorphology," "Physical geography of continents and oceans" and so on, full-time

    4 Non-academic experience: the farm milkmaid XXII n / congress of (Algabas district, SKR), 1972-1973.

    5 Certificates of professional development:

    Evidence of "E-government and e-services", JSC "National Information Technologies", 21.09.2011

    Certificate NTSPK branch of JSC "Orleu" Republican Institute for Management and the academic staff of the education system of Kazakhstan

    Certificate "Master class for the preparation of applications and clarification of the tender documentation" NTSGNTE MES RK, 2014

    6 Membership in the professional organizations: none.

    7 Awards: thank you letter Rector SKSPI Prize 2014

    8 Activity in the service sector: none.

    9 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years:

    1. Problems of development of industrial infrastructure in Kazakhstan. // Problems of development of industrial infrastructure in Kazakhstan. // Proceedings of the international scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of geographical science V Zhandaevs reading" - 2009. -p.211-216. Almaty.

    2. Priority direction and strategy for the development of industrial infrastructure in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. // Republican scientific-theoretical journal Science and New Technologies. - Bishkek, 2009. -№7.-p.80-83.

    3. "Rational use of agricultural land of the Republic of Kazakhstan" Proceedings of the international scientific - practical conference "Actual problems of public land management in Kazakhstan and training in the field of land management and cadastre", Almaty, 2013 у.

    4. "Problems of the river basin." Science and Education Journal "Geography and Nature", Almaty, 2013

    5. "Economic-geographical problems of maritime transport of Kazakhstan" 2014 "BULLETIN KazNU "

    6. The potential of air pollution in Shymkent. Scientific journal «European Applied Sciences».Germany, № 12, 2013 - 68 - 70. Co-author - Tazhekova AJ

    7. Cross-border problems of water supply of the Republic of Kazakhstan. NAN RK'S reports.No. 5 (2014), 181-184 pages.The coauthor – Tazhekova AZ, Erdemkul G. A.

    10 Summary of new professional development activities, the authorship or co-authorship in scientific or development activities - have not.