1.Education: higher, 1980, Shymkent Pedagogical Institute, a specialty- "History and Pedagogy", on qualifications "teacher of history and social science, methodologist on educational work"

Time working in the organization:

SKSPI - 2013 to the present time

2.Disciplines: History of Kazakhstan, the history of the Turkic peoples, ethnology, auxiliary historical disciplines, theoretical sources, ancient history of Kazakhstan, the history of the ancient world;

3.Academic experience:

-From 1983 -1990 years. Lecturer, Department of History of the USSR Tashkent Pedagogical Institute;

-1991-1993 post-graduate student at the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography named after Ch. Valikhanov Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan;

-1993-1995, Senior prepodvatel Department of Political Science and History of the CPSU CHPIK;

-From the 1995-2010, Senior lecturer in the history of Kazakhstan SHO ICGS named KA Jasaui;

-From 2010-2011, Senior lecturer in the history of Kazakhstan and world history Academic innovative university;

4.Certificate of professional development with the date or professional registration:

- Ministry of Education and Science. Institute for Advanced Studies Al-Farabi Universit Certificate №3182 from 28.04.2012.

5. Honors and Awards:

- Diploma of Akim SKR 19.10.2012

6. The most important publications and presentations over the last five years:

- Methodology of Histor Textbook.  – Шымкент:Нұрлы бейне, 2011г.

- Auxiliary historical disciplines: нумизматика.- Shymkent: Нұрлы бейне, 2011г.

- Introduction to the histor - Shymkent: SKSPI, 2013.