1. Education: higher, 1994, IKTU named after H.A.Yasavi a specialty- "history" on qualifications "teacher of history"

2. Scientific and academic degree: candidate of historical sciences, senior Lecturer.,

Time working in the organization:

SKSPI - 01.09.2011 to the present time

3. Disciplines:  "History of Kazakhstan", "History of the Turkic peoples", "Archeology", "Sources on the history of Kazakhstan."

4. Academic experience:

-From 1994 -1998 years. Lecturer, Department of History of Kazakhstan South Kazakhstan Institute for the Arabic language;

-Since 1998. 04. 11., Chief Specialist of the Department of Information and Public Accord SKR Akimat;

-With 1998-2007 years. Vice-rector for educational work, the dean of the history of philosophy and part-time faculty of the International Kazakh-Arab university, Shymkent;

-2004, The applicant of Institute Oriental R.B.Suleymenova;

-2007-2011, Senior teacher in Department of History of Kazakhstan ICGS named after Yasavi and AIU

- Since 2011 Senior Lecturer, Department of History of Kazakhstan SKSPI.

5. Certificate of professional development with the date or professional registration:

- Certificate of the National Centre for Management and Research - pedagogigeskih educators MES "The development of leading" from 8.11.2014g. №0133536.

№0133537., 8.11.2014

- Certificate "For the master-class on the program of training of teachers teaching professions universities of Kazakhstan" .2014 of 08 November.

6. Honors and Awards:

- Letter of Appreciation Education Department of Shymkent for active participation in the Olympics among students, 2010;

- Letter of appreciation of domestic policy akimat SKR for propagation of the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on January 13, 2011;

- The winner of the "Best promoter" in the regional competition advocacy groups, 2013.

7. The most important publications and presentations over the last five years:

- Отарлау саясатының тарихы. Оқу құралы. – Шымкент: Нұрлы бейне.- 2012г.80 б. 100 экз.

- Қазақстан тарихы бойынша деректер.Оқу құралы- Шымкент: Нұрлы бейне, 2011г.134 б.100 экз.

- Из истории завоевания Туркестанского края» Сборник документов (1838-1864 гг.). шымкент. ТОО «КІТАП»-2010-416 стр.