1.Education: higher, 1979, Shymkent Pedagogical Institute, a specialty- "History and Pedagogy", on qualifications "teacher of history and social science, methodologist on educational work"

2.Scientific and academic degree: candidate of historical sciences, associate professor;

Time working in the organization:

SKSPI - 2013 to the present time

3.Disciplines:  The history of primitive society, history of Kazakhstan, Kazakh history of modern times, the history of world religions, the history of the Middle Ages, Medieval History of Asia and Africa

4. Academic experience:

-Teacher to lie and social science secondary school №181 of the farm Plodoyagodny ShielinSKRgo area KzlordinSKRy area

- The assistant, Art. Lecturer, Associate Professor, Head. Of Chair, Vice-Rector of Zhezkazgan Pedagogical Institute

-Dean, Department of History of foreign languages, history and law deput Director of the Institute of Economics and University of Zhezkazgan. OA Baykonurov.

-senior lecturer, Department of History Kazakstan and IIP Kokshetau State Universit Sh Ualikhanov

-decane Faculty of History and Art Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named. S. Altynsarin

5. Certificate of professional development with the date or professional registration

-Certificate of the National Institute for Management and Research - pedagogigeskih workers obrazovniya Kazakhstan from 10.11.2012g. №0389587.

-Certificate of the National Centre for Management and Research - pedagogigeskih educators MES "The development of leading" from 8.11.2014g. №0133536.

6. Honors and Awards:

- Honorary diploma Akim of Zhezkazgan.

- diploma Akim of Karaganda region

9. The most important publications and presentations over the past five years

Contributors: Abuev. K. Bekseytova AT 41.55 pp

-Chokan Valihanov. Encyclopedia. - Kokshetau. 2011

Contributors: Abuev. K. Bekseytova AT 41. 5 pp

-Kөshpendі Gave өrkenietі zhane Gumilev. - X Euraziyalyқ halyқaralyқ ғylyi formula Materialdar Astana 2013 11қazan.