1.Education: higher, 1975, Shymkent Pedagogical Institute a specialty- "History and Pedagogy" on qualifications "teacher of history and social science, methodologist on educational work"

2.Scientific and academic degree: doctor of historical sciences, professor

Time working in the organization:

SKSPI - 01.09.2011 to the present time (full time)

3.Disciplines: archeology, history of Kazakhstan, the history of the Turkic peoples, ancient history of Kazakhstan.

4.Academic experience:

- 1975-1977 years - trainee researcher from the ShPI specialty "archeology" at the Department of Archaeology Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh. SSR named after Ch.Valikhanov;

- 1977 Head of Cabinet.- scientific communism ShPI;

- 1979 - 1987 years-Lecturer and Senior Lecturer, Department of History of the USSR ShPI

- 1992 - Associate Professor of History of Kazakhstan ShPI, and since 1995 - Associate Professor of History of Kazakhstan Shymkent branch of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after H.A. Yassavi;

- Professor of department History of Kazakhstan SHI ICGS since 2007.

5. The most important publications and presentations over the last five years:

- A.N. Podushkin Sarmatians in southern Kazakhstan // Ancient cultures of Eurasia. Proceedings of the international scientific conference devoted to the 100th anniversary of A.N. Bernshtam. St. Petersburg, 2010. P. 207 - 217;

- Podushkin A.N. Podushkin N.P. History of World Religions. Textbook recommended by MES. "Arman-PV", Almaty, 2012 - 214 p;

- A.N. Podushkin By the ethnic history of the state in Kangyuy II. BC. c. -I AC. c. (Based on burial grounds and Orlat and Kultobe) // STRATUM plus. Cultural anthropology and archeolog № 4. St. Petersburg, Kishinev, Odessa, Bucharest, 2012. pp 31 - 53;

- A.N. Podushkin Catacombs Arys culture of Southern Kazakhstan: collective burial mounds and Kultobe Kylyshzhar (II c. - III c. BC.) // Culture Eurasian steppe and their interaction with the ancient civilizations. Proceedings of the international scientific conference devoted to the 110th anniversary of the birth of MP Hraznova. St. Petersburg, 2012. P. 488 - 496;

- Podushkin A. Der staat der Kangju aus sicht der archäoljgie // Unbekanntes Kasachstan. Archäoljgie im herzen Asiens. Band II. Bochum, 2013. P. 793- 809;