5В013000 – History-religious

Speciality 5B013000 – History-religious is one of the youngest in our Institute. The educational program in this specialty was built in accordance with state educational standards of higher education.

Speciality 5B013000 - History-religious professional activities in the following areas:

• - As part of the expert commissions and as independent experts state, religious and public organizations, mass in¬formatsii.

• - employees of ana¬liticheskih services NSC and the Ministry of Interior, government controlled; otde¬lov poli¬tiki foreign and domestic; Committee on Religious Affairs;

• - The research work in the field of history and theory of religion, religious and philosophical problems of modern civilization;

• - The state and non-state secondary institutions as teachers;

Bachelors are trained in the following areas of religious studies

• The history of religion

• Philosophy of Religion

• Sociology of Religion

• Psychology of Religion

• Religious antropolo¬giya

• Religious ethics and axiology

• Religion and Art

• Religion and Culture

• Freedom of and reli¬giya

• Non-traditional cults and esoteric teachings

• Public relations in Kazakhstan religi¬oznye

• Islam in Kazakhstan

• Orthodoxy in Kazakhstan

What studies specialty 5B013000 – History-religious

History, religion - a set of sciences that study the history creeds and institutional forms of religious life, religious heritage (Religious Art, monuments of religious literature, religious education and R & D), traditional for the right religion, archaeological historical monuments religions isto¬riyu and the current state of interac-mootnosheny between different religious teachings and are religious organizations. The study of religion in the system of higher education pro¬fessionalnogo is secular.

The subject of religion are accumulated during the period religious experience historical experience, cultural monuments religious and intellektual and spiritual wealth.

All teachers with with respect relate to doctrine, religious practices and traditions. The theme and content of the secular sciences devoid of any atheistic or anti-religious orientation; soderzha¬nie themes and religious sciences taught at the university-Mykh, built on the principles of humanity, kindness, patriotism, respect for the followers of other religions.

Students have access to Internet, the latest domestic and foreign literature on religious and theology,

Since ancient times, man has tried to understand the meaning of life. This desire increased religious beliefs based on the deification of the forces of nature and animals. In some religions there is polytheism, followers of other faiths worship the one God. Religion invisible threads related to many aspects of human life and death. Today, more than three-quarters of the world's population recognize that they belong to one religion or another. Every religion in its own way explains what the meaning of life and human destiny, and offers to choose a way of life, the choice is always a MAN!