5B011400 - History

5B011400 - History

Educational program of bachelor specialty "5B011400-History" implemented the Department of History of Kazakhstan and world history, which is part of the socio-humanitarian high school, in accordance with the objectives of higher education RK, mandatory standards and mission SKSPI, has the necessary legal and regulatory framework, clearly defined goals, objectives and mechanisms for achieving them.

The aim of EP is to train competitive competent graduates and historians of the new formation, striving for professional and personal growth, oriented and adapting to the consumer market in today's information flows, flexible and mobile in their professional activities.

The main objectives of EP are: formation of fundamental knowledge and professional competencies needed in practice, to provide a system of secondary education teachers of History, capable successfully compete in the domestic and external labor market, achieving integration in the European educational and research expansion.

Bachelor in learning acquires a number of subject-specific and interdisciplinary competences.

General educative competencies focused on the ability to head for the political life of the modern world, in the political processes of their countries, the ability to understand the socio-economic disasters of modern life, socio-economic and cultural development of Kazakhstan, in the knowledge of constitutional law and legislation of Kazakhstan, on the acquisition of moral and ethical rules governing social relations and defining business ethics educator and historian, on the formation of dividual skills of categorical scientific devices of modern humanities.

Professional competence formed in mastering modern approaches to teaching technologies in the domestic and world history, comparative analysis of historical sources in order to enhance professional knowledge, ability to carry out inter-ethnic and intercultural communication of historian teacher and on world and national history in secondary and vocational schools on the basis of fundamental knowledge on basic and core disciplines. Educational program of Bachelor in 5B011400 - "History" adjust with the strategy, mission, vision and values ​​of SKSPI (Institute’s Strategic Plan of Development for 2013-2015 years.-Shymkent, 2013; Perspective Plan of the Institute for 2016-2020. -Shymkent2014 ; www. okmpi.kz).