Specialized accreditation

Specialized accreditation

Specialized accreditation - accreditation of specific educational programs of the university. Specialized accreditation is to maintain an internal quality assurance system and in carrying out a special external quality assessment procedures.

Accreditation of educational programs provide formal recognition of the academic program by an external body, whereby, the accrediting body guarantees to third parties that the accredited program is "credible" about the quality of its educational products.


South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute (hereinafter SKSPI) in 2015 from 6 to 9 April was specialized accreditation for 23 educational programs of undergraduate (specialty) in the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education (IQAA).

As a result of successful completion of the accreditation decision by the Accreditation Council of 25 April 2015 SKSPI been issued a certificate of specialized accreditation SA № 0052 / 1-4 for a period of 5 years.