Bitemirova  Aliya  Erkegylovna

Bitemirova  Aliya  Erkegylovna

Candidate of Chemistry, associate professor

I was born on April 13, 1959 in the Southern Kazakhstan area


I graduated from chemical faculty (1984) KAZNU of Al-Farabi as

"the Chemist. Teacher" 

In 1991 as a 02.00.03-organic chemistry and 02.00.13 petrochemistries I defended the dissertation on a subject: "Hydrogenation and a dekarbonilation of furfural" "Candidate of Chemistry" also received an academic degree. In 2002 I received an academic status of the associate professor of VAK.


  1984-1991 – Research associate, senior research associate, teacher of the Kazakh chemical institute of technology.

  1991-2002 – The senior teacher of department of chemistry of the International Kazakh-Turkish university of H.A. Yasavi 

  Since 2002 associate professor of the International Kazakh-Turkish university, Academic innovative university, Southern Kazakhstan state teacher training college.

Pedagogical activity:

  Conducts occupations and gives lectures on subjects: "Organic chemistry", "Chemistry of high-molecular connections", "Chemical synthesis", etc.

  Scientific activity:

  Research work is connected with an organic catalysis, with synthesis of organic compounds and with a technique of teaching organic chemistry.

  In 2014 I finished the courses "Orleu" of Republican institute of increase of qualifications of the leading and scientific and pedagogical workers of an education system of Kazakhstan.

  10 author's certificates are received, are published: 2 monographs, 2 manuals, more than 80th articles, 100 materials of conferences and theses of reports.

Main scientific works:

§  1. Bitemirova A.E. Monograph. Бесмүшелі  гетероциклді қосылыстарды алу. Shymkent, 2014 - 125 p.

§  2. Bitemirova A.E. Получение  гетероциклических соединений.   Shymkent, 2011 – 131 p.

§  3.  Bitemirova of A. E. Органикалық  химия. Shymkent, 2013 – 215 p.

§  4. Bitemirova A.Е. «Isolation and Molecular-Genetic Identification of Strains of Antagonistic Bacteria for the Phytopathogenic Fungus Fusarium solani». World Applied Sciences Journal 29(6):783-787,2014 .ISSN 1818-4952  Idosi Publications, 2014 DOI:10.5829/idosi.wasj.2014.29.06.13931

E-mail:  Ph.: 8-701-549-07-62