Education: Chimkent Pedagogical Institute, in 1974, a teacher of Russian language and literature; Associate Professor of Kazakh and world literature, teaching disciplines: "Introduction to Literature", "Methodology of teaching literature", "Linguistic analysis of literary text", "Modern literary process", "Children's Literature"; It works in this organization to September 1979
Academic experience: teacher of Russian language and literature in VSHRM, pos. Sas-Tobe (the South Kazakhstan region, Tyulkubas district); lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor of Russian and world literature Chimkent Pedagogical Institute, Shi ICGS YUKGPI full employment.
Certificates / Certificates of professional development: 2011, September: Seminar on "E-government and e-services", the certificate № EG 11-24653; 2012, January 23 - on 05 February - Seminar "Teaching Grammar through modeling the internal meta-language" E.YU Myagkova (Astana, ENU. L. Gumilyov); certificate; 2012, December: Seminar on "Non-verbal communication: a study of national stereotypes" GE Kreydlin (g Astana, ENU. L. Gumilyov); certificate; 2013, February: Republican Methodical training seminar "The Russian language under the credit technology: experience and prospects" (Almaty), a certificate; 2013, June: The short-term training (scientific seminars, workshops) under the ISPC «Text in the system of teaching Russian language and literature" (Astana, ENU. ENU) certificate; 2014, May: NPK "Actual problems of science and society in the twenty-first century" (Sochi, SIMBiP) - certificate.
Awards: 2011. - The letter of thanks of administration in honor of the 75th anniversary of YUKGPI; 2012 - Diploma of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 2014 - Letter of thanks of administration YUKGPI in honor of teachers.
     Membership in professional organizations: Member of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature since 2008, member of the Free Trade Union YUKGPI.
The most important publications and presentations over the past five years: the stylistic aspects of the phenomenon of intertextuality / Scientific Journal Habarshy / Bulletin of the Kazakh Humanitarian Law University. A series of "Philology". Kokshetau. - 2011, №13. - S.17-23; The linguistic aspect of training in the conditions of high school V11 // Materials of the International scientific and practical conference "Future issues of the world of science." - Sofia 2011, T.18. - P. 35-39; Twelve year education in high schools: problems and prospects / The Kazakh-Amerikan Free University Academic Journal. - USA, Oregon, 2011. - P. 30-33 ISSN 2153-926H; Innovative approaches to learning a second language in the conditions of high school // Materials PBMCs "New Kazakhstan, a new teacher, a new generation", devoted to 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence. - Shymkent - 2011, pp 405-410; "The text in the system of teaching Russian language and literature." - Astana, 24-26 May 2012. - S.463-468 .; In the spirit of the time // Interuniversity collection of methodical works on the problems of the teaching of language and literature "Union of science and practice." - Astana, 2012. - P. 3-7; Teacher training in a magistracy. / Online G-Global; Effective methods of high school training / materials Eighth International Scientific and Practical Conference "Scientific progress on the Millennium." - Prague, 27.05-05.06.2012, T.16. - S. 33-38. (co - R.M.Sebepova); About Didactic maintenance of language classes in abiturientsky period / News / Scientific Journal of the Dagestan Pedagogical University (Psycho-pedagogical science): ISSN 1995-0659. - Makhachkala 2012, number 1 (18) - P. 105-110; Scientific style of speech: questions of didactic software / World of Science, Culture, Education / International Journal: ISSN 1991-5497. - Gorno-Altaisk (Russia). - 2012, number 3 (34). - S.150-155; The lessons of the Russian language in the classroom -8-9: Methodical development for teachers (1-2 quarter). - Shymkent, 2012 - 100 p. (co - Beisenova RK): 978-601-280-316-7 ISVN; The characteristics of the texts of the artistic style of speech // The collection of materials of the Fifth International Scientific Conference. - Astana, 14-15 June 2013 g.- S.273-279; "Words of edification" by Abai in literature classes // Materials PBMCs "Baytanaevskie reading - 1: Actual problems of the integration process of training teachers in the international space education." - Shymkent, 2013: T1. - S.420-426; Methodical provision of the elective course "The development of writing» // Saarbrucken. Deutschland (Germany): International Publishing House LAP LAMBERT Academik publisching, 2013. - 96 p. ISBN: 978-3-659-44916-1; Methods of school course of Russian Language teaching aid for students majoring 5V011800: MTSNIP. - Kirov, 2013. - 164 p. Electronic resource ISVN 978-5-906223-53-1; Methods of school course of Russian language: a tutorial. - Shymkent, 2013. - 116 p .; Elective course for literature in school: the question of the content and methodical maintenance / Materials of the Republican scientific-practical conference "The basis of competitive ability of society - the teacher: Mangilik EL - the eternal future of the new generations." - Shymkent, 2014 - S.133-139; Integrative approaches to the formation of competencies seniors / International scientific journal "Science and peace". - Volgograd. - 2014, number 2 (6). Volume 3. - P. 106- 109 (in collaboration with GB Irgebaeva); The phenomenon of syncretism in didactic aspect / International scientific-practical conference "Science, Technology and Higher Education» (Science, Technology and Higher Education). - Canada, Westmount January 30, 2014 - S.299-303 (in collaboration with AA Baymusaevoy); A description of the composition of narrative texts / International scientific-practical conference "Baytanaevskie Reading 2: Prospects for Development of scientific directions and ways of introduction of innovative technologies into the education system." - Shymkent, 2014. - S.388-394; Methods of school course of Russian Language teaching aid for students majoring 5V011800 - Russian language and literature. - Shymkent, 2014. - 118 p .; Scientific style of speech and literary preparation of philologists // Integration approaches to the study of Russian language and literature in multicultural Kazakhstan: Materials XI Autumn School of Russian Studies (6-11 October. 2014). - Astana: ENU. LN Gumilyov, 2014. - S. 155-160.