Altynbekov Kosai Sultanovich

1 and AF. A .: Altynbekov Kosai Sultanovich
2 Education: higher. KSU them. Kirov (1998).
Scientific degree and title: PhD, Art. teacher.
Qualifications: philologist, teacher of Kazakh language and literature.
Disciplines: "Folklore", "Drevnekazahskaya Literature", "Literature of the period of the Kazakh khan", "Kazakh literature of the nineteenth century", "Abai", "Expressive reading".
The work in this institution: 1988.
Employment: full.
3 Academic experience working in other institutions: None.
4 non-academic experience: No
5 Professional Affiliations: none.
6 Certificate or professional registration (patent) no.
Certificates / Certificates of professional development with the date or professional registration
1. The Institute for Advanced Studies at the Treasury (2002).
2. Faculty Development Institute Kentau ICGS (2008).
3. Center of Excellence "Orleu" MES RK (2013).
4.Elektronnoe government and e-activities (courses, 2011).
5.Vnedrenie foreign excellence training in modern methods (courses, 2010).
7 Awards and prizes:
SKO maslihat Diploma (2012).
The letter of thanks MES RK (2013).
Certificate of Merit YUKGPI dean of Philology (2012).
The letter of thanks of the Kazakh-Turkish University. Demirel (2011).
8 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years:
XIX ғasyrdaғy aқyndar poeziyasy. Shymkent: 2009.
Aғartushy Democrat zhane әnshі aқyndar shyғarmashylyғy. Shymkent: 2009.
Kazakh handyғy dәuіndegі әdebiet. Shymkent: 2009.
"Kөne Turki әdebietі changed folklordyң araқatynasy" (Orkhon zhazbalary boyynsha). Thesis for the candidate of philological sciences uchёnoystepeni. Almaty, 19.03.2010 Elias National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan.
Ezhelgі dәuіr әdebietі. Tutorial. Shymkent: YUKGPI. 2013.
Orkhon zhazbalary zhane folklore. Tutorial. Shymkent "Alem". 2013.
Toolkit "Diplomdyқ zhұmysty dayyndau zhane қorғau." In soavtrostve with N.Nurpeisovym. Shymkent: OҚMPI. 2013.
Kazakh әdebietі boyynsha kurstyқ zhұmystar. Study guide. Shymkent: YUKGPI. 2013.
XIX ғ. Kazakh әdebietі. Study guide. Part 2 Shymkent: YUKGPI. 2014.
 Folklore үlgіlerіn Jin. In collaboration with Sh.Ibraevym. Shymkent: YUKGPI 2014.