Education: teacher of Russian language and literature, Chimkent Pedagogical Institute, 1972 .; Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of Kazakh and world literature; Disciplines: "Old Russian literature", "History of foreign literature", "History of Russian literature of the VIII century", "History of Russian literature of the XIX century", "History of Russian literature of XX century", "Theory of Literature"; While working in the organization: September 1989
Academic experience: teacher of Russian language and literature in secondary schools Algabasskogo (now Baidibek) district and Shymkent; Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Chair of Russian and world literature Chimkent Pedagogical Institute, SHO ICGS YUKGPI full employment.
Certificates / Certificates of professional development with the date of registration or professional - IPKPU courses "Methods of use of electronic textbooks, interactive boards in the educational process", a certificate from 5.05.2011g .; "Formation of the competitive person on the basis of polylinguism" certificate from the city 19-20.10.2012
Membership in professional organizations - Member of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature, YUKGPI of Free Trade Unions, the Russian Philosophical Society FA Russian, Kazakh society of Turkic peoples.
Awards - letters of thanks to the dean of the Faculty of Philology YUKGPI (2011), South-Kazakhstan Institute for Advanced Training of Teachers (2012), rector YUKGPI in honor of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2014); Diploma of Kabardino-Balkaria State University (Russia, Nalchik) for active participation in the international scientific conference "National images of the world in the artistic culture" (2014).
  The most important publications and presentations over the past five years: the spiritual condition of the time. - Niva, 2011, number 12; The issues of education development in Kazakhstan: artistic reflection matching tasks of education and society. - Paris, France, the bulletin of the International Academy of Concord, Evrotalant, Fidzhip, number 4, November 2011; Word Aitmatov - sonorous echo of humanity. - International scientific conference "International Aitmatov memorial», Selected works. The Internatio-nal Conference «In Memory of Chingiz Aitmatov». 8-9 June 2012, Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham, TW1 3DJ, London, Great Britain. Bilingual Selected works: English-Russian. ISBN 978-0-9568098-9-6. Printed in the UK, 2012 Selected works. The International Conference «In Memory of Chingiz Aitmatov». - United Kingdom, London; "I have always told the truth." - Dostyk-Druzhba, 2012, number 1; The judgment of the two languages. - Dostyk-Druzhba, 2011, № 5; "What bitterness when I neither drank ?!". - Czech Republic, Prague, MMNPK "Science: Theory and Practice 2012", 07-15.09.2012, vol. 6; Noble heart. - Klasstime, number 26, July 25, 2012; Workshop on the course "Theory of Literature". - YUKGPI, Shymkent, May 2013; Moral purity and faith in the ideals of heroes D. Granik, Dudintsev and R. Seysenbaeva. - Materials ІMN Symposium "integrative function of contemporary comparative." - Kazakhstan, Astana, ENU, 19-20.04.2013; Theory of Literature. Lecture course. - YUKGPI, Shymkent, in April 2014; Consonance close hesitation and doubts in the works of Russian poets and Kunanbayev. - MRNPK "The concept of integration of education, science and production", Shymkent, 2014; On the issue of the tragic outcome of collectivization in the Soviet Union. - Science and World (Science World). International scientific journal, № 2, 2014, Vol. 1. Volgograd. 0,325, Global Impact Factor, US, Australia.
A brief summary of the new professional development activities, the authorship or co-authorship of research or development activities: Innovative patent "Method of treatment sarkoptoidoza pets" Innovation patent, "Method of treatment sarkoptoidoza pets." RSE on the right of PVC «National Institute of Intellectual Property" Committee for Intellectual Property Rights MJ RK, August 19, 2013, number 80414.