Pulatova Madina Kamitzhanovna

1. Name: Pulatova Madina Kamitzhanovna

2. Education:  specialty “Russian language and literature in national  school”  Shymkent Department, International Kazakh –Turkish University named by Kh.A.Yassavy, 1996 y. Candidate pedagogical science (2006y.).

Subject disciplines – Professional  Russian language, Russian language. 
3. Academically work experiences: 1.09.1996y.  teacher of Russian language and  literature; From 13.10.1999 year  teacher  of the Russian language International Kazakh –Turkish University named by Kh.A.Yassavy.  

4. Non academically  work experience: no

5. Certificate or  professionally  registration: no.

6. Membership of professional organization: members of party “Nur Otan”.

7. Awareness and  laureates: no.

8. Activities in service  spheres: no.

9. Main important publication  last five years:

1. Main problems published by  newspaper’s “Kazakh”// “An actually problems of the philology and lingua-didactic: language, means, ethnos, culture”. Material  scientifically   conference,  published  60- jubilees, N.V.Dmitruk, Shymkent Institute, International Kazakh –Turkish University named by Kh.A.Yassavy.    Academically Innovational University, 2011

2. M.Dulatov: In the primary –school new education // «The  using of new technology formation  future specialists» material of the international  scientifically  conferences, Shymkent - Moscow, 2010  

3. Curator  hours  of the contents on theme: “M.Dulatov  activities way” // «New Kazakhstan,. New pedagogic, new pupils» complete materials   International  scientifically – practice conference, published by   20- year’s  an Independent  of the republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, 2011

4. Organization module  of the studying  on languages disciplines in higher   education// “Poly lingua: Problems and prospective” materials international  scientific-practice  conference, Almaty, 2012

5.“Pedagogic and methodic of the primary school” specialist (for 1st course students)Russian  language disciplines //Union science and practice: Inter higher  education systems methodical  labors completes,  awareness’  problems  of the languages and literatures, Astana: Eurasian National University  named by L.N. Gumilyev, 2012

10. Short added professionalism methodic:  no.