Kurbanov Agapasha Gulalievich

  1. Kurbanov Agapasha  Gulalievich
  2. Education:  higher,  candidate philology science., docent, teacher of  the  Kazakh language and Kazakh literature, at institute  working from September  in 1994 year.
  3. Academically work experiences: provides by disciplines: History  grammar  of the Kazakh language. Phonetic  of  the Modern Kazakh language. History of  orthography of the  Kazakh language. Ancient Turkish language. Professional Kazakh language. Official work on the  state language. Working all times.
  4. Non academically  work experiences: non.
  5. Certificate:  not  have.
  6. Membership’s of  the  professional  organizations:  member of the party “Nur Otan”.
  7. Awards and laureates:

- 2012y. Teenager and children  cities Center “Award”.

- 2012y. South-Kazakthan Regional Maslikhat “Award”

- 2013y. RK “Akhyska”  Turkish Ethno cultural center  social  union   “Medal”.

- 2013y. RK  “Akhyska”  Turkish Ethno cultural center  social  union “Award”.

- 2013y. South-Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute  between faculties   sing and dance  concourse named by “Eki Zhuldyz”, have higher place and get “Award”.

- 2014y. Chief   of  the  SKR Akim’s  “Award”.

  1. Work experiences other  spheres:    do not working  in other sphere.
  2. The  main important  publications and presentations, in last  five years.
  1. Phonetically consonants  of  the Turkish languages. Methodical textbook. 6,25 published. Shymkent city, 2012y.
  2. The  lexical  structure  of  the Modern Kazakh language. International Kazakh-Turkish University named by  Kh. A.Yasawi, publish “Khabarshysy” N 1, 2013y.
  3. Historically grammar of  the  Kazakh language. Study book. South-Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute, Shymkent city, 2014y.
  4. The  main  usefulness   methods with  multimedia learning by name  “Pedagogical competence”. Shymkent city, N1, 2013y, pages 163-170.
  5. The  new  scientifically methods  of  the  using by  any profiles, named by theme:   “Bektayev  study -1:  information – to developing  social perspective  of the future”  international  scientifically – practical conference materials. South –Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute, Shymkent city, 6th of February, 2014y.
  1. Short   list of the new professional, experiences – constructional  works:  not  have.