Omar Bazarkul Kaltaykyzy

1. Full name: Omar Bazarkul Kaltaykyzy

2. Education: specialty "teacher of the Kazakh language and literature." Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical Institute, Almaty, 1970

3. Academic status and academic degree: Associate Professor.

4. Qualifications: philologist, teacher of Kazakh language and literature

5. Subjects: Morphology of modern Kazakh language, methods of teaching Kazakh language, Professional Kazakh language.

6. Period vaboty in higher education: from 1982 to the present

7. Working day: full

8. Academic experience: since 2012 at this university

9. The non-academic experience: -

10. Activity in the services sector (within and outside the institution): 2006-2012. College SKSU name M.Auezov - teacher of the Kazakh language and literature

11. Membership of professional organizations: no

12. Certificates or professional registration (patentter) - no

13. Awards: Diploma of the MES; Letter of thanks from akim SKR

14. The most important publications and presentations over the past five years - the name, co-authors (if any), which is published and / or presented, the date of publication or presentation:

"The manifestation of the theory of motivation in the Kazakh language" materials PBMCs dedicated to the 75th anniversary of YUKGPI; "Description of the show pleasing features derivatives imitative words" materials PBMCs "Baytanaevskie Reading 2: Prospects for the development of scientific directions and ways to implement innovative methods in obrazavatelnuyu system", Shymkent, 2014; "Semantics and motivation phrasems Kazakh language" materials of the Republican Scientific and Practical Conference "The basis konkuretnosposobnogo society - the teacher:" Mangilik ate - eternal future of new generations ", Shymkent, 2014; "Education and Development classification of parts of speech in the Kazakh language" Materials III scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students "Strategy" Kazakhstan-2050: Science, education, innovation and scientific and creative research of young scientists ", Shymkent, 2014; "Leader Sattarovedeniya" materials PBMCs "Baytanaevskie reading-1: Actual problems of the integration process of training teachers in the international space education."