Baygutova Dinara Nyshanovna

Name: Baygutova Dinara Nyshanovna

Education: ICGS them. H.A.Yasavi, 1998

The degree of professional qualifications: k.f.n, Associate Professor

Professional classification: teacher of Kazakh language and literature, philologist

Subjects: Syntax modern Kazakh language, style of the Kazakh language, clerical work in the official language.

While working in the organization: for 2011-2015.

Academic experience: from 1991 to 2015

Non-academic experience: no

Membership in professional organizations: no

Certificate / certificates of professional development with the date or professional registration-

Honors and Awards: - 2013 Letter of Appreciation "The best curator SKO"

Activity in the services sector (within and outside the institution) - no.

The most important publications and presentations over the past five years - the name, co-authors (if any), which is published and / or presented, the date of publication or presentation:

1. Developing a culture of written speech of pupils through the spelling exercises. MMNTK "Dialogue of Cultures and its role in the formation of inter-ethnic tolerance in the modern Kazakh society." - Shymkent, 2013. - pp. 167-171.

2. verb combinations in terms of governance. Baytanaevskie reading-2; Shymkent, 2014

3. Organization of extracurricular activities linguistic orientation in the modern school. Science and world "-International scientific journal, №5 (9), 2014, pp. 81-84; (Impact factor of the journal "Science and world" - 0.325) Global Impact factor 2013, Australia. ISBN 2308-4804

4. Gap in the Kazakh language culture: specificity of family kinship. "Science and world" -International scientific journal, №7 (11), 2014, pp. 45-48; (Impact factor of the journal "Science and world" - 0.325) Global Impact factor 2013, Australia. ISBN 2308-4804

A brief summary of the new professional development activities, the authorship or co-authorship in scientific or development activities: -

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