Ismatov Bahadir Abdullaevich

1 Name: Ismatov Bahadir Abdullaevich

2 Education: Higher – Chimkent Pedagogical Institute of Culture by name Al-Farabi.   Speciality  -  cultural-enlightment worker 1985.

 Qualification: Head of the amateur orchestra of folk instruments.

The work in this institute-3 years,  full-time employment.

3. Academic experience:

2011-for  present.  SKSPI

Disciplines: The main musical instrument (dombyra-tenor) Additional musical instrument. Performing skills of  music teacher, instrumental training.

2009-2011. Academic    Innovation University -2years.

Discipline: The main musical instrument (dombyra-tenor), Additional musical instrument, Instrumental training.

2000-2008.  Yassavi IKTY. Shymkent - 18 years.

Disciplines: The main musical instrument (dombyra-tenor).Additional musical instrument.

1987-1990  Children's Music School № 2 -3 years.

Master class of  dombra.

4. The non-academic experience: company or legal person, the name, a brief description of the situation (full-time, part-time work) – N/A

5. Certificate of professional development with the date or professional registration:

Certification of e-gov. 2011

6. Membership in professional organizations: the union of membership .

7. Awards:     Medal - "Excellence in Culture of Kazakhstan" August-2014, Diploma regional party  of Nur Otan, 2013.

8. The activity in the services sector (within and outside the institution) – N/A

9 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years:   Total scientific publications - 6.

1.Феномен игры.  Republican political magazine "Мысль" .- Karaganda, 2009 -p.73-80.

2. Домбыраға арналған ансамбльдер.  Teaching aid.  SKSPI.  Shymkent,  2012.-52p

3.  Активизация познавательной деятельности будущего педагога-музыканта как педагогическая проблема. Materials VIII-international scientific-practical conference " Haйновите научни постижения ".  Prague, 2012.  p. 101-109.

4. Духовные ценности казахской традиционной музыки как фактор активизации познавательной деятельности будущего педогога-музыканта.

Materials of  VIII  International scientific-practical conference «Aktualne problem nowoczesnych nauk-2012". Poland, 2012. p.79-82.

5.Болашақ музыка мұғалімдерін халық музыкасы арқылы білім беруге даярлау.  Publications of the International scientific and practical conference     

" Kazakhstan-2050 "- the basic concepts of  universities in the professional training of teaching staff," coauthored with A.Baygonova.  SKSPI. Shymkent, 2014. p.307-309.

6.Қазақ мәдениетіндегі дәстүрлі ән өнерінің дамуы.   Publications of the International scientific-practical conference "Bektaev’s  reading 1: Informatization –Future  development of society," coauthored with A.Baygonova.  SKSPI Shymkent, 2014.  p536-541.

7.Болашақ музыка пәні мұғалімдерін ұлттық музыкалық –эстетикалық білім беруге даярлау. International Journal "Scientific World of  Kazakhstan». №3.Shymkent, 2013.  p.124-126

8.Қазақ өнеріндегі ән жанрының дамуы. Materials of III SPC of  young scientists and students " Kazakhstan 2050 ": Science, education, innovation and scientific, creative research of young scientists" in coauthored   with the student A.Aynabekova.  SKSPI. Shymkent, 2014   p.271-273